Art in Education delivers dynamic, imaginative and multi-disciplinary creative education projects for a diverse range of people including toddlers, special needs individuals, young people, artists, adults, and the ‘general public’. A multitude of successful projects have been executed in major galleries and museums, special needs centres, infant, primary and secondary schools, hospitals and community groups.


Established by art educator Julie Beech, Art in Education delivers individually designed projects which draw on a variety of themes and art forms, often collaborating with other established artists, poets, circus performers, actors and musicians to facilitate inspiring, inclusive and imaginative projects with the aim of providing a platform for experiential, enthusiastic learning.


Tailored to suit the individual needs of the participants, Art in Education projects:

  • Provide an enjoyable environment for learning
  • Teach core art skills
  • Enhance curriculum subjects
  • Encourage experimentation and risk taking
  • Raise self esteem and confidence
  • Build community and team participation
  • Cross cultural boundaries through the universal language of art


Complimenting the creative workshops, Art in Education also manages the delivery of longer term creative education projects.


“Creative, hardworking and resourceful, Julie Beech is an inspirational educator. Her ability to communicate her passion and understanding of art is considerable but her real strength lies in her skill in unlocking the creativity of others.  She engages easily and well with all ages and delivers focused and effective projects, even within challenging circumstances. She is also a joy to work with."  Anne Rawcliffe-King, Director, Royal Society of Sculptors


 “Julie Beech has worked with Ambler on a number of projects .It all started when Julie designed our branding. The project got bigger and bigger and Julie ended up painting our whole fire escape tower transforming it from an eye sore to something very eye catching! She has since worked on lots of projects with us ranging from working with every class on an art focus for an ethos project, to a longer project with all year groups providing PPA for teachers. She has made signs for new entrances and painted our branding on to notice boards. Julie is brilliant to work with. She listens carefully to what we want and our ideas, offers really creative suggestions and ends up with extremely exciting and professional projects, and end products. She has worked really well communicating very effectively with teachers and teaching assistants alike. She is very committed and a real completer finisher. She brings everything together effectively and professionally at the end of each project. We like to see her as ‘our school artist’ and I recommend her highly! Please feel free to ring and talk about any of our projects with Julie if you would like.“ Juliet Benis, Headteacher, Ambler School, Islington




To discuss the seed of an idea or for further information about previous projects contact Julie Beech.





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