There are currently no Toddler Art sessions running but I will keep you posted when I have some dates. Meanwhile, have a go at making some of the above artwork at home. The basic materials are paper, paint, glue, collage bits, and scissors. And then a space to be messy!


Far too often young children's natural creativity is stifled due to 'mess' restrictions or adults well meaning interventions to help make a child's artwork look 'better'. However when a child is allowed to explore and play with materials in their own way the results can be magical and delightful. 'The Monster Shop' workshops for early years (1 - 5) encourages real freedom of expression through art in a fun and safe environment, whilst also providing an enjoyable way for parents and carers to spend quality time with their children. During each session a variety of activites and materials are provided to cater for young children's short attention span. Themes also change from week to week to keep young minds stimulated and inspired.


"Julie's art classes are completely amazing, a wonderful relaxing venue for parents while the children create with the gleeful freedom to be messy and free! It is one of the only classes that suits both my 4 and 2 year old perfectly and when they ask 'What are we doing today?' and tell them it's Art Club day, they always respond with 'Hooray!!'. Claudia Tye, mum of Charlie (4) and Honor (2)


"Very talented, endlessly patient Julie keeps coming up with great ideas for our children's creations each week. Enjoyed very much by both mother and daughter". Julia Goodfellow, mum of Edie (2)


"This is an ideal club for children who want to explore their creative potential.

So much to do!" Father of Iris -3


"I wanted to tell you that we loved your class.  I thought your ideas and way you set it out were perfect." mother of 2 year old


"Really like the abundance and variety of art and craft materials.

It gives us lots of ideas for things to do at home." mother of 3 year old


"This is SERIOUSLY a brilliant club!" mother of 2 year old