Art in Education delivers well organised, high quality creative learning projects for KS2 students – ranging from mural painting, sculpture, mosaic and set designing. Wherever possible we choose themes which complement the curriculum and work closely with teachers and staff to devise projects which tie into the students current learning agenda.


If your school needs some independant guidance to develop the Art and Design curriculum, Julie Beech delivers creative consultancy days which can be followed up with a teachers inset session to empower the teachers to deliver new and interesting projects.


Art in Education facilitates the creation of vibrant murals to suit any setting, indoors or out, large or small, using high quality, durable materials. Murals are a wonderful medium to enhance and bring character to an indoor corridor, common room or outdoor play area, often changing a drab, unwelcoming space into an uplifting and attractive focal point.Creating a mural can involve many young people, whole schools even, right from the design through to the painting stage. Participants are given a unique opportunity to make a lasting impression on their surroundings, and through doing so gain a huge sense of achievement, pride and ownership of their environment.Lead-in design lessons are incorporated in all mural projects to explore and develop the theme. Mural design can incorporate core curriculum topics in an engaging way, using themes such as the environment, world cultures, science, history, or even to explore social issues such as anti-racism or crime.


Mosaic workshops invite a collective approach, from the initial design of the mosaics through to their creation, and young children can achieve stunning results. The outcome can either be small individual works of art, or larger collaborative pieces using natural materials such as pebbles, or recycled materials such as bottle tops, broken china and buttons, or of course the traditional glass mosaic tiles which come in range of beautiful colours. Depending on the purpose of the mosaic, materials can be selected which are durable for exterior use.


3D Sculpture workshops are a fantastic way to develop children's spacial awareness, dexterity and problem solving skills whilst also learning about scale, texture, form and colour. Recycled materials often form the basis of Art in Education's sculpture workshops, encouraging young people to reuse waste in an imaginative and creative way whilst learning about their environment. As with the mosaic and mural projects - sculpture workshops are tailored to suit the requirements of the school and can result in collaborative or individual sculptures.


Whenever possible, Art in Education encourages teachers and staff to get involved during a project, to gain the confidence and skill to re-use the techniques demonstrated, thus providing sustainable outcomes and additional value for the school.


Please contact Julie Beech for further information about previous projects or to discuss and develop an idea.